Please Help I miss him :(

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deathcabforcatie asked:
how can I marry Gareth Bale? it needs to happen x



  • dress up as cristiano ronaldo as much as possible
  • wear a wedding gown
  • get di stefano to ordain the marriage



Dear Diary,

I came here with high expectation of what everyone called the best game in the world, boooooooo! I don’t like clasicos, it is awful, people can be very mean, calling me all kind of names that I don’t get!!!!!! Xavi’s eye brow scares me!!!!! ;_______; Messi is even shorter than I imagined!!!! I was shocked that Pique was not bleeding!!!!!!!! Then I saw a guy once upon I saw in north London derby called Song Oh my god!! who knew he plays for Barcelona? wow the things you learn in a clasico!!!!

Everyone said I was a failure, but I’m trying I really am, am so depressed. On top of that I had to listen all ride home from Barcelona, how music career boy scored. xPP I tried to console Crissy about his penalty, but he wouldn’t even listen to me, what did I do? I even checked on him during game to see he was doing allright, but I own you a penalty Crissy. I’m going to get it for you next time, no worries!

PS: I don’t get referees in this league, they are weird, mmmhm OKAY! The ball hit my ears, referee thought it was a hand ball. Referees are confusing me here, a shove is not a penalty, an ear is a hand, what is this. On top of adapting to a new team, I HAVE TO ADAPT TO A NEW SET OF RULES IN FOOTBALL, THIS IS HARD OKAY.

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New behind the scenes footage [CR7 Underwear] (x)

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"It’s all very simple actually. In my opinion, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world right now." 

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LOL Ronaldo Troll Face 

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Audi event.


Today’s AUDI-event: "Cristiano Edition"

  • Cristiano can’t stop cracking up about the difficulties Karim Benzema has with the car he is driving.
  • Cristiano complaining that he is the last one to receive his car.
  • Cristiano watching the horserace, jumping around and laughing like a little boy.

Oh, Cristiano you’re truly like a little child sometimes. Love you so much, amor :’) ♥